Anchoring Kits from Creative Cedar Designs are the best investment you can make in playset hardware to keep your backyard play structure safe & secure. You’ll never think about anchoring your outdoor playset until the next big storm is trying to uproot it! Includes (4) anchors,metal straps, lag bolts, flat washers and illustrated directions with checklist for play-safe installation.


·        Designed to provide secure anchoring of most residential wooden swing sets

·        Metal anchor has wide auger with galvanized metal hardware for easy installation and secure attachment to each corner of swing set.

·        Designed to securely anchor and prevent collapse of playsets in windy conditions

·        Intended only for residential use

·        Have peace of mind about your children’s playset knowing that it’s safely secured to weather the storm

·        Minimally-colored material makes playset hardware virtually disappear

·        Anchor Kit includes (4) metal playset anchors,metal straps, 1.5” lag bolts, flat washers and illustrated installation instructions with checklist for play-safe installation and maintenance.

·        Easy installation requires no power tools -simply screw anchor in ground, bend metal straps around the anchor’s loop and attach at each corner of your backyard playset

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