We are currently shipping five days a week from our warehouse in Chattanooga, Tennessee. It is very important to us that your order arrives quickly, so we do our best to process and ship within 1-2 days. During times of high volume (currently March-June and December), processing time may be extended slightly.


You will receive an email with your UPS Ground tracking number once your order has been processed. If you've ordered accessories or a sandbox, they should arrive at the delivery address 3-5 business days after you receive your tracking number (barring any carrier delays, of course). If you've ordered a playset, playhouse, or one of our ten foot slides, you will receive a tracking number of a different sort for one of our freight carriers. Once your freight shipment has arrived at the delivering terminal, they will contact you to make a delivery appointment. You will receive your curbside delivery shortly after.

When ordering one of our playsets please expect the following to be delivered on a pallet, with the packages banded and shrink-wrapped together:

• Woodlands - two boxes, one slide. For shipping purposes we consider the slide to be Box 3.

• Sky View - three boxes, one slide. For shipping purposes we consider the slide to be Box 3, and Box 4 is a smaller hardware box.

• Timber Valley - three boxes, one slide. For shipping purposes, we consider the slide to Box 4.

• Sequoia - five boxes, two slides. For shipping purposes we consider the twin slides, sandwiched together, to be Box 5, so you will receive Box 1, Box 2, Box 3, Box 4, the twin slides (Box 5), and Box 6.

• Jungle Fun - six boxes, one slide. As with the Sequoia, we consider the slide to be Box 5.

If you do not receive all boxes and slides, or if you notice any damage to the outside of the packaging, please make the delivery driver aware and email us immediately at custservice@creativecedardesigns.com with images of the packaging. 


Express Shipments

We will gladly expedite your shipment for an added cost. Please contact us at 423-803-0397 or custservice@creativecedardesigns.com to discuss your options.


Canada Orders

We are happy to ship to Canada for an additional shipping cost.


Sales Tax

Applicable sales tax will be added to orders for shipments to residents of Tennessee.


Cancellations and Changes

An order cannot be changed or cancelled after it has shipped. Please contact customer service as soon as possible if an order needs to be changed or cancelled.