• This is an absolutely beautiful swingset, and a fantastic value too…
    Overall, given the size of this set and general quality of materials, this product is an exceptional value.

    Timber Valley Playset buyer / from Portland, Oregon

  • Swing set came shipped on a pallet and boxed nicely. The materials used to make this swing set are very top notch and high grade. Quality materials and a very well-designed swing set. Assembly has been fairly easy so far.

    Timber Valley Playset buyer from Texas

  • Just super impressed with the material quality. I phoned the company and asked some questions and they handled my call in a manner that gives me great confidence that they will stand behind their product.

    Timber Valley Playset buyer from Winston-Salem, North Carolina

  • I got this wooden swing set for my grandson's birthday. Their yard is very small so I decided on this one and I am glad I did. It is not as chunky as some of the huge cedar playsets but it has so many features

    Woodlands Playset buyer from Greenwood, Louisiana

  • I really love all of the activities included in this playlet. This is a kid's dream! The swings and ring bar are lots of fun. The slide has slight ripples in it making for a more adventurous descent. There is even a little built in picnic table for having snacks, doing arts and crafts, or just for general play.

    Woodlands Playset buyer

  • This will be a joy of any prince, princess, or pirate. This is solidly constructed with cedar wood. All of the hardware is solid and industrial strength. The kids love their new playset and eaten two meals on their own picknick bench.

    Sequoia Playset buyer from Indianapolis, Indiana

  • This is a great well-designed and compact playset with a lot of features and a 4 foot high deck. It is made of durable cedar and pretty sturdy. It has an array of kid-cool features on it such as the glider, sandbox, picnic table and rock wall. The hardware it comes with is machined well and of great solid quality. Cedar is a huge plus as it is very resistant to rot. I love how compact the playset it while still having a lot of features.

    Sky View Playset buyer from Virginia